Building a Startup from Scratch

Most of the people want to have their own business, they work to earn and to save money to build their start-up business. But the question is how one can start his or her own business? What you should know first before entering the business word. As an employee we expect to earn monthly payment, we know how much or exactly will going to have. In business word, you’re the one who will work and set goals on much you want to earn and how much you can lose such as overhead expenses, your employee salary, etc.

Your Idea

Believe me when you are in business, you should know and love what you are doing, what you want to offer to your costumer and you should be knowledgeable on the product or service you would like to offer. 


It’s hard to grow a business in your own. You need at least a partner or 2 who can help you with other things. The more you are in a business, the easier for you to come up with a plan, execute, and materialise those dreams of yours. That’s why you should have a team who can help you grow your business. Read this valuable article about team work by Australian Institute of Business.

How to start

Don’t jump real quick buying things that might ended as an expense rather investments. Try to think if this can help you with your business, if not then do not buy it. Sometimes we get easily attracted on sales or discounts. Only buy the needed equipments for your business. Then settle all the legal process for the premises of your business a partnership contact with your partner. So, your safe in any situation whatever happened.


You should know how to use technology in business. Utilising technology will make the process easier, especially in the sales and marketing department.

Hiring People

Don’t just base on their academic achievements nor past experience at work. Remember character is more important than skills. Skills can be learn, but character is hard to change. Hiring the wrong people is waste of time and money. Always have a 3 – 6 months probational test for employees before you absorb them to your company.

Sales and marketing

Don’t hire a lot of sales people, as you will only lose a lot of money. By following the previous step which is finding the right people, 1 to 2 sales and similar number in marketing should work pretty well to find your business potential costumers.