Understanding The Concept of Sales Process


A sales process is the process to how you will get customer or client. Step by step, procedure, and planning to how to get the target costumer. Every sales agent had a common pattern that they are following, it’s just that some used advanced strategies.

Sales process is important to make a sale, this is one of marketing strategy that sales person can use to prospect clients.

Here are the Steps of a Sales Process

Lead Generation

Lead generation is important to any kind of business. It will make or break a company, it is the actual process of identifying interested or potential customers that would want to buy your product or service. You can use social network like linked in, Facebook or website of the company and google. To find your target market. Some company is buying some leads, or data mine manually by searching. To know more, you can check this amazing article by Hubspot – Lead generation beginners guide.

Qualify Leads

For all the leads that you get in data mining, not all of them is qualify leads you need to re check it.

Does the prospect have the budget to invest in your business?

Are the prospects willing to spend time with the sales rep?

Is the prospect committed and willing to start a trial?

Live Demo of Your Sales Offering

After chasing on a lead and getting their interest. Now is the perfect time to book an appointment with them to discuss your sales offering, like showing an actual demo of what you can do for their company. This is where you can showcase your value proposition to help them decide if switching over your company is the best move for their own.

Closing or Losing a Deal?

Sales process end finale is either you close a deal with your prospect or you lose a deal. It depends on how you started from prospecting, showcasing your demo, discussed the pricing and proposal and etc. If the prospects ask to have more time to decide to make sure, to save the list of all the leads that you have. And don’t forget to put a note in every lead.

Deliver Your Promise

Sales doesn’t end after successfully closing it, it is just the beginning. Once you have closed a deal, be sure to deliver what you have promised. This will help you attract more referral sales and more likely they will continue renewing their business subscription with you.